The fist number of L. refer to the standard CtP edition published in 1987. The following number shows correspondence between letters in the new 2010 edition. Note that on this website CtP is available only 1987 edition with minor additions.

[L. 40 | 47] 8 March 1963

I am glad to see that we are in complete agreement regarding the manner and purpose of publication of the book. I am particularly glad to know that you do not regard the Dhamma as something for sale—it is so utterly beyond price that it can only be communicated as a gift. Unfortunately, however, the world (particularly in these days) is so mercenary that anything given free is looked upon with suspicion; and for this reason I feel that we should take particular care to avoid all impression that we are distributing propaganda. A small, well-printed, and attractively presented 'private edition' is what we should aim at, rather than a perhaps larger number of 'booklets for free distribution'.