The Tragic, the Comic and the Personal [Read-Download PDF | MOBI | EPUB] - Few selected Letters from Clearing the Path of Ven. Ñānavīra Thera which are prepared for any general reader and it is good introduction to the Venerable's work.

Suttas & Sartre

The Foundation of Ethics

Marginalia [Read-PDF] - Are the comments the author made in the margins of various book which engaged him (together with the text commented upon, where useful).


Pre-Sotapatti Early Writings

“...With regard to any of my past writings that you may come across..., I would ask you to treat with great reserve anything dated before 1960, about which time certain of my views underwent a modification. If this is forgotten you may be puzzled by inconsistencies between earlier and later writings....”  Ven. Ñānavīra Thera, 22nd March, 1963
The two essays following the letters were published (the Sketch was reprinted several times) in abbreviated form: the texts reproduced here are taken from the author's typescripts, which may be regarded as the definitive versions. Following these two essays are the contents of the author's Commonplace Book. Finally there is a collection of various papers discovered after author's death: notes, translations, etc. These have been edited only to avoid unnecessary repetition of material already contained in other parts of this work.

(read-only PDF from Seeking the Path [2010, Path Press Publications])

Nibbāna and Anattā
Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth
Commonplace Book
Review of E. Baptist's pamphlet