The fist number of L. refer to the standard CtP edition published in 1987. The following number shows correspondence between letters in the new 2010 edition. Note that on this website CtP is available only 1987 edition with minor additions.

[L. 58 | 65] 13 July 1963

The idea of signing (rather than typing) my name after the Preface seems to have a double advantage: (i) It will authenticate the book ('None genuine without the signature "Ñānavīra" [Registered Trade Mark] on each package'), and (ii) it will emphasize the fact that I am personally responsible for the views expressed in the book. But how much demand will there be for the Notes? I have no idea at all.

P.S. Your Huxley has allowed me to add another footnote to the Preface, warning off the mystics.

Editorial note:

[58.1] Nevertheless, in both the original edition and in the final typescript the author's name was typed, not signed. [Back to text]