The Personality of Man

The Personality of Man, by G. N. M. Tyrrell (Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1954)

p. 13/13-16
[Possibly intelligence and morality have reached higher standards for limited times in special places; the first, perhaps, in ancient Greece; the second, it might be suggested, in the Britain of to-day.] 'the' noted: Indeed?


p. 37
[MYSTICISM: The highest level of human personality.] noted: Rubbish!


p. 205/13-16
[One of the chief grounds of objection to survival is the view that all conscious and mental processes are exactly correlated with nervous processes.] noted: This is why emphasis is put on interactionalism (p. 157). There is exact correlation, but it is two-way.


p. 253/9-11
[They are not 'white elephants'—scandalous interlopers into law and order which it is superstition even to contemplate.] : A white elephant is a costly and useless possession, not a scandalous interloper.


p. 259/34-35
['That great philosopher Bacon', writes Professor Macneile Dixon, 'could not to the last believe that the earth revolved round the sun.'] : If he was standing on the earth he was right in his opinion. The earth goes round the sun if you stand on the sun.